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the most incredible animals.
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Learn all about the animals that come from this fascinating and majestic place: the African savannah, a land where nature and animals mark time. The collection consists of 13 different African animals: the hippopotamus, the rhinoceros, the buffalo, the mandrill, big cats like the jaguar and the lion, as well as other large animals. Each packet contains an animal and a fascinating fact sheet. Find the special animals that glow in the dark or change colour in water. They’re soft and stretchable. Collect them all.



African Elephant


Black Panther

White Rhino



African Rock Python





Age: 3 - Savannah Animals and all SBABAM products are all tested according to the European regulations in force and therefore have the CE mark. Attention! It is not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts could be ingested and / or inhaled.


Mandrills lives in large groups and the dominant males are very colourful. They spend most of the day foraging for food. Although not particularly large, they are very aggressive and dangerous animals. They have razor-sharp canines that can be lethal, and they are extremely clever.
Size: 6/10 ******
Strength: 8/10 ********
Speed: 8/10 ********

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